Gyönyörű Budapest

This is Budapest and it’s a capital city of Hungary. Gyönyörű on Hungarian means beautiful. And indeed it’s a beautiful city, with lots of magnificent urban spaces, nice architecture and great food. This short trip was two years ago. It was one of our first trips together so this one is the more special one. We […]

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Venice, two years ago. . .

Hello and thank you for watching this photography set. This year I wasn’t able to visit Venice and Architecture Biennale or “La Biennale di Venezia” but so many times I remembered Venice two years ago and wished to go back there. So, this is a short photo set of my few days in Venice in […]

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Bella Roma, our story!

With a lot of smiles and good will we have started our nine day trip to Rome, Naples and Terracina beach. Italy itself is very vibrant and colorful country full of old buildings, monuments, fountains, houses, etc. which make it one of the most recognizable destinations for people all over the world. Luckily that includes […]

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