Story about Tara Mountain

Enjoy amazing photographs of nature and beautiful mountain of Tara in Serbia. We had couple of days over there with our close friends, spending the beginning of the New Year together. What a blessing!   etc. etc. so many beautiful photos, scenes, emotions… but I had to stop eventually… Good night! and one more:

New Years Travel

It was January. It was cold. It was beautiful, inspiring and fun. It was our way of celebrating the beginning of New Year and new challenging 2017. I am sorry for uploading these photos this late. I had lots of things to do and finish in January and February (and unfortunately it’s not done yet)….

November in Budapest

Omg, I so love to travel, even for one day. So, this month is tagged with Hungary, first Szeged then Budapest… Oh, it would be so good if I could do that every month, but with some other countries and cities. Hmm, next destination will be… and then you just point on some random country…