Oslo, 4 days Adventure

I don’t know if it makes sense posting photos after more than two months of my laziness and not “wishing” to do this. Don’t get me wrong, I love uploading photos in this world of mine and creating stories in which I am the only one who enjoys (as I don’t have lots of followers […]

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Something New but Old

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade. Closed for 10 years. In October it was finally opened for public. We’ve had a walk through, visited the exhibition and the building itself. Very nice to see this building alive again. Mom:

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Day for some Culture

Yesterday was a beautiful day for some culture, walk around the city and just catching the last glimpse of the sunlight in this year. We’ve visited a great exhibition of Albert Durer’s graphics so it’s a pretty good reason to say that we had a nice day. On the photos you can also see beautiful […]

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