Christmas tradition

Now, when finally all of our close family and friends got their Christmas and New Years cards I can post my first post in 2016 dedicated to this tradition. First of all, let me say that 2015 was an interesting year for me, some nice things happened, trips and nice moments with my boyfriend, my…


So, another new and pretty awesome place in Belgrade. It’s called “Laboratorija Kafe“. First of all, there’s not much photos here uploaded because it was crowded!!! And when I say crowded I really mean it. Almost all tables were full so as I didn’t want to make people uncomfortable I just made couple of shots….


New place in town (“Ambar” restaurant) where you can eat our traditional food with a modern twist. Awesome restaurant on a great location (Beton hala) in the city center, on the river bank. Interior looks amazing and it’s very comfortable. Check it out!