First Three Months in London

So, yes, I moved… to London… and even after three months it sounds… well, pretty unbelievable. But, as you already know I won’t write a lot. There were/are so many mixed feelings and so many emotions. I quit my job, I left my family, my friends, my colleagues, my favorite places in Belgrade, my home….

Happy Birthday!

To a very special friend! Happy birthday! As you can see, you just need couple of things to wrap a present. Paper, rope, rosemary or any other type of plant, little bit of creativity and lots of will and love.  

Lefkada Island

How to start telling this story? It wasn’t suppose to be that island, but the other one. Was it a destiny? Was it meant to be? Life has some unpredictable stories and roads for us. It tells them differently and the way it wants. As for me, I don’t mind, as long as they look…

One film – One month – One life

During the winter time I’ve decided to do this small project soon as good weather starts. I’ve made up my mind to make a one month project with one roll of film and shooting one photograph per day. Usually I don’t take my cameras with myself every day so this was a challenge for me,…

What a wedding invitation…

As I’ve mentioned in the previos post I was doing a short photo shooting for a wedding invitations. So, here they are! I’m so happy they came out to be wonderful!