It was a very special day. His 30th birthday. This restaurant was a great pick. With a comfortable interior, very nice design, delicious meals and awesome staff, it turned out to be very pleasant and romantic place to have a dinner and enjoy some time together. Tasteful meals creatively placed on artistic dishes and great […]

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Looks like summer is here…

This is Mezestoran Dvoriste, based in the city centre of Belgrade. This restaurant is a great example of how a restaurant garden should look like. It has everything it needs to be great. It’s comfortable, nice, peaceful and green. Besides the perfect ambience there is a man that’s sitting in the corner playing a guitar and […]

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Birthday Jars

Last week I had a lot of fun preparing my birthday party. I’m not going to tell you how old I am, that’s not important now, what is important is that I had to prepare deserts that everyone will like. (it is ’cause I’m a chocolate and desert person and my Birthday had to be […]

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Oreo Heaven

Last couple of days I was dying for something sweet and gorgeous, so this is what I found and had to try a recipe: “Oreo Cheesecake”.  Thanks to Lindsay we had a fantastic desert! Enjoy the photos!

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