Finally weekend for the two of us

Yay! Finally, I had some time to rest this weekend, to photograph and to spend some nice and quality time with my other half (and my camera)! Enjoy photos… -> Kafeterija -best coffee place in town-best space design- Homemade Lunch – Caesar Salad – -very important for a bonding time: cooking together and eating some […]

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Finally I found some time for myself and us, we went for a walk around the city with my camera. Having that it’s that part of the year, when everything is full of Christmas spirit, beautiful decoration and lights, we’ve decided to visit Radisson Blu Old Mill Hotel and see what they have to offer. In […]

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Salon 5

Located in an apartment in a very nice, old building in the center of Zemun in Belgrade here’s a new and very fancy place to go. It’s a place where you enter in a different world full of nice, old, vintage, retro details, beautiful abstract paintings, nice music, great furniture and a smell of delicious […]

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So, another new and pretty awesome place in Belgrade. It’s called “Laboratorija Kafe“. First of all, there’s not much photos here uploaded because it was crowded!!! And when I say crowded I really mean it. Almost all tables were full so as I didn’t want to make people uncomfortable I just made couple of shots. […]

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