First Three Months in London

So, yes, I moved… to London… and even after three months it sounds… well, pretty unbelievable. But, as you already know I won’t write a lot. There were/are so many mixed feelings and so many emotions. I quit my job, I left my family, my friends, my colleagues, my favorite places in Belgrade, my home. I hated how everyone was saying goodbye like I will never come back because at the end you never know how and where our life journeys will take us.

I came to London for new opportunities, new adventures and life experiences, for new favorite places (I must say I haven’t found one yet). Home, friends and family are there and that is a constant that never changes.

Since I came here so many things happen’, both bad and good. So everything is pretty balanced, I guess. I’ve managed to find a job and a flat (well, they say it’s a studio flat, but I say it’s a small room with a small kitchen and a small bathroom), nevertheless I like it ’cause it’s mine.

Let me continue, what I’ve managed, because it’s going to be a long list:

  • to use a wrong tube line (twice in a day!) (hey, Northern line is pretty tricky until you get to learn)
  • to spill coffee on my camera (ouch) and to cry because of that
  • to walk and stroll whenever there’s an opportunity
  • to go to Vivaldi concert organized in a beautiful old cathedral (wow!)
  • to go to Richmond park and don’t see one deer (even though there are more than 600 of them)
  • to forget a wallet in a store (with passport inside, off course!) and cry again (I’ve found it at the end. If anyone worries.)
  • to go to Ikea at least 20 times (that’s not such a big issue for me as I’m their huge fan!)
  • to end up in a storm in a zone 4 or 5, I can’t remember I was trying to stay alive (lots of human beings don’t even think about going there, but not me!!! I’m always up for torturing myself!)
  • to try to decide for two months what color and design of plates I should buy (I’ve decided at the end, if anyone again worries!)
  • to sit on a grass and not care about my clothes (everyone does it here!)
  • to sleep in a hi tech ultra smart hotel (citizenM) and feel like a child
  • to sunbath (yes, in London!)
  • to take lots of photos (hope you’re following my account on Instagram!)
  • to go to Barbican (wait, I have a first favorite place in London!) It’s amazing and I simply love it!!!
  • to try Pimms (and like it)
  • to use: underground, rail, overground, boat, bus, dlr and who knows what else…
  • to feed a squirrel (omg, so cute!)
  • to learn to cross the road and look first to the right! but still look in both direction, just in case! ha!
  • to mind the gap

And I said I won’t write too much… there’s more probably, but I can’t remember right now. Enjoy these couple of photos I took for the last three months. I hope I’ll be more active in future. London is pretty amazing and “multi everything” city. Whatever you need/prefer/love you will be able to find. That’s London’s no 1 beauty.




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