This year vacation, Greece 2016

My friend once told me: “What’s life for if you don’t go every summer to seaside”. He’s right. There’s something magical in it, something unexplained, something  fantastic and something every person should feel and enjoy.

Swimming in a calm sea, with a sunlight behind my back, looking through turquoise and pure water, seeing my beautiful red nails, feeling fantastically warm water and just letting go.

Best feeling in the world! If I could capture that moment of pure happiness and relaxation I would love it, but that is the point of going every year to seaside and just expecting that moment of bliss.

In couple of posts I will show you where I’ve been in august this year. I was in Greece for ten days and in this photo story I will show you very nice place called Nea Kallikratia (near Thessaloniki) and Nea Moudania (the place I’ve visited for one evening).












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