One film – One month – One life

During the winter time I’ve decided to do this small project soon as good weather starts. I’ve made up my mind to make a one month project with one roll of film and shooting one photograph per day. Usually I don’t take my cameras with myself every day so this was a challenge for me, in a good way. For this project I’ve used my analog Canon AE-1 camera with Kodak Portra 160 film. I can say it’s a difficult thing deciding when to take a photo, especially when you are limited with exact number of shots. Every time I’ve made a photo I was thinking about whether I should’ve waited for some other chance, some other moment or scene, but at the end I think this turned out awesome. In these photos you can really see how my life looks like, what I do, where I go, what I like, who I see, etc… Every day I wrote couple of sentences and in this post you can see how my April looked like:

 01.04. Flower Shop Reflection 💐
I’ve wanted for the first photo to be special and to be a good start of a project. I also wanted a photo to be my reflection (shame I am almost invisible). I thought, as it was 1st of April and it was warm (hot) and spring has arrived, flowers would be a perfect background for my silhouette.


02.04. Architecture 📷
It was Saturday, beautiful sunny morning. We had a lot of things to do that day, but this interior design is something that I’ve been working on two years ago so I thought this one shot was worth it. Flat is now almost done and we were waiting for a nice and sunny weather for photo shooting. You can check and read a full story about this interior here!


03.04. Bicycle Day 🙌 🚲
It was only a day three and I already cheated and made instead of one shot two. But I have a pretty good reason for that. When we planned Sunday and riding bikes, I didn’t imagine my shot like this. I wanted to make a shot during a ride, with one hand. You see where’s this getting to? Off course as I am not a professional bicycle rider and pretty much far from it, my idea was not that smart and when I tried my first shot, it was awful. I’ve decided to make a second one and stopped and made a photo…


04.04. Ice Cream Lady 🍦
Monday, as other working days, is not that interesting, but I try and give my best to make it, at least a little bit, interesting. Going on an ice cream is a pretty nice thing to do after work and I think this lady deserved my one daily shot. Thank you Moritz Eis Lady for a nice smile. I really hoped this one doesn’t turn out blurry but at the end it’s not really in the focus too. Nevertheless her smile really shines.


05.04. Spring 🍓
This is my morning when the weather is nice. I get up early, enjoy beautiful silence on my terrace, have a breakfast outside and water our plants. This morning I couldn’t resist but not to take a photo of these beautiful small and very sweet homegrown strawberries. Welcome Spring! I’ve missed you!


06.04. Morning walk 🐦
I love taking a walk in the morning when it’s sunny and the city is still waking up. That morning I was just a little bit late for work, but I got off the tram one station before mine and had a walk through Tašmajdan park in Belgrade. These sweet pigeons were having a bath in the fountain (too bad I was late to capture that) and then they were sunbathing on a beautiful morning sunlight. What a life!


07.04. Last glimpse of light 🌞
That day I was working until 6.30 pm and I couldn’t wait to get outside and feel the air and beautiful warm weather. As I got out off the office I could see that the sun was almost gone and my day was over. I went to a city center to buy a birthday present and on my way I was looking around trying to find some interesting frame to photograph. I haven’t seen a lot, I can say that, but what caught my attention was again sun which was slowly going down behind the city buildings. I, then, made a choice that light will be my theme of the day, but I didn’t have a lot of time. As I was approaching the fountain, sun was passing through water drops and made a way to my lens. First, I made a shot and then I was wondering how it will look like. Will it be blurry, sharp, overexposed or underexposed? I realized, I didn’t care, on that photo there will be light and that’s what mattered.


 08.04. Outfit 🌂
There’s not much to tell. On the weather Chanel it was supposed to rain for a whole day. Off course it didn’t rain, but nevertheless, my red boots and red jacket were Awesome! Red, my favorite color!


09.04. Wedding Day 💝
Our friends on their wedding day. They were beautiful, happy and full of love. I wish them all the best!


10.04. Grandma 🎂
Happy 85th birthday dear Grandma! I love you!


11.04. My hood 🏠
Yes, this is my hood. This is where I grew up, where I went to nursery, where I’ve learned to ride a bike and where I ran and played with my best friend. This is a place with lots of memories from childhood that will never fade. This is a place that I still see as my place even though I don’t live there anymore.


12.04. I don’t like Tuesday 🍏
I really don’t like Tuesdays, and that day I really felt like that apple on the window.


13.04. You know that feeling when… ⛅
…you work for a whole day, you finally have time to go out and have a walk, or meet some friends and half an hour just before you’re end with work the sky turns grey end it starts to rain just a little. That day was like that. And at the end it didn’t rain, so lesson of the day, “Don’t Cancel your Daily Plans!” even if the world is going to end! You never know what you will miss…


14.04. This time, weather Chanel was right 🌁
It was grey and cloudy all day. Finally when I got out of the office the storm started, with rain, wind and grey sky. I had to take two shots because it was beautiful.

15.04. Park 🌱

Beautiful sunlight in a park. Welcome weekend!


16.04. Saturday ❤ 🌞 🍻
Beautiful day with my best friend from childhood. Priceless! At the end of the day we were “a little” red and burned but that didn’t matter because nice and sunny weather has arrived!


17.04. Breakfast 🍴 😊
Sunday breakfast at grandmas home. Delicious! She’s the best in making Serbian traditional breakfasts and we love coming to her home, eating delicious food, looking and admiring her little garden on terrace and talking about her life and daily happenings. She’s our best neighbor!


18.04. Monday ➡
First day after weekend, first day at work and one Monday closer to ending this small project. Yay!


19.04. Daily routine 🚃
Every morning it’s the same. Same bus, usually the same people and same daily routine that never changes. Recently I was talking with a friend and she said something interesting and very true: “When you start working and you become a truly adult you just hope for something different, anything that will change your life even for couple of seconds.”


20.04. Building 🏬

This nice and old building is in the street near my office (Hilandarska street, Belgrade) and often I walk there during the lunch break because in this street there’s a lot of nice and old buildings (and lots of dog poop, but I have no intentions of photographing that). It’s been renovated couple of months (or maybe a year?) ago. I like and I’ve liked it even when it was old and ruined. Now it’s just old, but nice and refreshed.


21.04. Waking up 🏢🌞
Building + Street + Couple of People = City is waking up


22.04. Together ♥
Going with him to work, spending time together in the morning, having a small talk, laugh, sleep, talk, hug, kiss. . . That’s life!


23.04. Blue ⚓
Danube, river in Belgrade.


24.04. Church ⛪
Entrance detail


25.04. Rain 💧
That day was raining a lot, for a whole day! The park was totally empty, you could just hear the sound of water in fountain and raindrops.


26.04. Did you ever wonder… ❔👀
… if somebody’s watching you, if somebody knows where you are, if somebody’s there but you don’t know that…


27.04. My life currently ⏳
Architecture + Dreams and Wishes + Chaos = Life


28.04. At work 😇📒✏🌿
Last day at work before mini holiday yay! This is part of my table. P.S. What I didn’t show is red nail polish! You have to be pretty for a holiday!


29.04. Tradition 🎨
First day of mini holiday. We had a breakfast together and then we were dying Easter eggs and made a beautiful fish lunch. Wonderful day!


30.04. Flea-market ♻
Believe me, this isn’t my idea of fun, but somebody else’s is. Unfortunately we didn’t buy or find anything…


01.05. Wall 🔚
I’ve decided this Wall to be my last shot of this project and to make 1st of May an ending date. What is interesting about this very special wall is that I’ve seen it for a first time couple of years ago and every time I’ve passed by it I was looking at it imagining something must have happened there, something strange, something tragic… I was looking at it with a feeling of sadness… After that I’ve found out that there was a concentration camp on this location during World War II (called Topovske Šupe) and then I’ve realized why there’s so much feelings when I see it. Rest in Peace you poor Souls if you still circle around this place.


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  1. Jako lepo i nekako intimno!

    1. Hvala puno! Zaista sam se trudila da prikazem svoj svet kako stvarno izgleda 🙂

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