Living space design


This is a story that began two years ago, in 2014. Projects in architecture last more then you can ever imagine.

This, very small project of mine is now done (finally!) and I am happy to say that I was a part of it. My friends were having some problems with imagining how is their living room going to look in the apartment they bought back then, so I was happy to help them and do some sketches of interior design for their living space.

In the end, it turned out to be cozy living space design, with lots of details and material exploration.

Finishing touches are definitely what makes this room so nice, for example, beautiful texture of oak wood, fantastic contrast of colors, materials and warm daylight that spreads through big windows. Beautiful landscape picture is made by very talented Croatian painter Koraljka Beker.

So, enjoy this interior design and these nice and bright colors.






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