Group Analog Photography Exhibition

I haven’t been posting photos for a while now, but believe me, I have pretty good reasons for that. Last couple of months were like living hell for me, but now it’s over and I am back in the game! Spring is coming, so I’m going to spend more time outside, walking, taking photos and enjoying warm weather.

With this post it’s kind of a comeback for me. As you can see in the headline, this post is going to be interesting. It’s about “Group Analog Photography Exhibition” that started this Saturday evening in Belgrade and will last until 31st of March. Exhibition opening was awesome, over 30 people are exhibiting their work, analog photography. I have chosen my travel photographs taken with Yashica Mg-1 camera as my subject, “Architecture and Natural Light”. It’s an interesting thing how these photos are very  special to me. First, because those trips to Rome, Vatican and Corfu island were unforgettable, secondly, these photos were taken with a camera that belonged to my parents, so it gives more emotion to them.

I can say that people are very talented and very enthusiastic about film photography. I was impressed by some photos and I am really glad to be a part of the exhibition. These moments that you can see here are just a small part of opening evening. Enjoy.









And at the end, this is part of the exhibitors, (awesome people! great work):


If you’re interested in analog photography in any way you can check facebook page!

My humble contribution to the exhibition:

4 responses to “Group Analog Photography Exhibition”

  1. FOTKE SU PREKRSNE! Hvala ti! (: bar negde da me ima haha
    A tvoje sa izložbe su FANTASTIČNE! ^_^

    1. Hvala puno Kristina, drago mi je da ti se dopadaju! : )

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