November in Budapest

Omg, I so love to travel, even for one day. So, this month is tagged with Hungary, first Szeged then Budapest… Oh, it would be so good if I could do that every month, but with some other countries and cities. Hmm, next destination will be… and then you just point on some random country and you go there to enjoy and investigate. Well, as it’s not going to happen soon, (maybe in “couple” of years when I become wealthy and rich (ha-ha), in the meantime I will try my best to enjoy these little trips and do my best to meet the cities which I visit. As this wasn’t my first time in Budapest and we have had only five/six hours there, it was a very fun walk with a touch of ice as it was 5 degrees Celsius. We were in a search for a cozy and warm place as it was cold like as hell, but at the same time it was beautiful and you could feel the Christmas spirit which is slowly spreading through the city streets and shops. I sure want to go back there again!

They say that Budapest is a small version of Vienna, oh how I can’t wait to meet that city. Maybe soon, who knows..

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