Greece always feels like home, Thassos Island

Hello again, dear minions.

I have been dying to tell you my story from this years vacation, and finally it is done and ready for you to take a pick. As some of you know, I wrote it in my previos post, in july I went on a two week vacation. If you are following my Instagram account you had the opportunity to see where I was and how it was. If you are not following or didn’t do so, shame on you! : ) kidding… ; )

For those of you who don’t know, I went for a vacation in Astris, Thassos. I’m not sure there are words to describe how it was to be on a vacation in such a beautiful place. Honestly, I’m better with photography then describing it with words. I’ll try to show you through this story and pictures captured through my lens beautiful island of Thassos in Greece and some other places that I have visited.

I was shooting with two of my cameras (or as I like to call them, my babies). One digital camera Canon Eos 6d with a Canon lens 24-70mm f/4 and an old analog camera Canon AE-1 with a Canon lens 50mm f/1.4. I’ve been using two films, one Kodak Portra 160 and a second Kodak Ektar 100. I’m pretty satisfied with a result. Especially analog photos were a nice surprise and for a Canon Eos 6d I don’t have any objection. It’s a really really good camera with an awesome performance.

One more thing. I would like to write couple of sentences about the trip and about the island. You will see in the photos, we’ve visited a lot of different beaches on Thassos, and 99% of them were great. The island is very green and the villages are nice and peaceful. There are so many beautiful locations, nice scenes, great tavernas with traditional Greek food… During your drive on the island almost along the entire road you have the chance to see the goats and sheeps that roam the island in search of food. All in all perfect place for a quiet and nice vacation.

I guess only my family and maybe best friends will take a look at this post because it’s a huuuge one! Sorry for that, but I’ve been doing preparations for this story for more than two weeks. I really wanted to show and picture you everything that happened, everything beautiful I saw and what impression it made on me. So, if anyone has a time and a will to look at these photos, please do enjoy and if you have any question or some good word feel free to contact me.

canon AE-1, 50mm f/1.4, kodak portra 160 film



Very nice Mediterranean city with a historic old town, fortress and an Aqueduct which is a city landmark. We’ve spend there half a day and it was really nice. We went for a walk, lunch, had a nice coffee break in a very sweet part of the city and we’ve enjoyed every minute there just breeding the beautiful city air mixed up with sea breeze.


Ohh, what an incredible place to see. What can I say to you… If you visit Thassos Island that place is a must. There’s not much to see, you need maybe 30 minutes to walk around but it’s a peaceful place with lots of nice houses and pretty corners.


Theologos is one of the famous villages on this island. When you take a walk you can see a lot of old houses that represent time and history. It’s a really nice place to visit and it is famous for its tavernas with awesome traditional specialties.


Every time I visit Thessaloniki I end up pleasantly surprised by it. Thessaloniki is a beautiful place and you need to take time to visit it. During summer in the evening it’s full of people and life. During the day it’s a little different story, it was like hell on earth, 40℃, high humidity, burning sun.. Ohh, it was unbearable, so in the day it’s better to stay inside, but in the evening the city awakes, restaurants and cafes start again to work, people go outside to take a walk by the sea on a beautiful pedestrian road.

These two folks made our trip end fantastic. We went for a nice evening walk near the sea and White Tower, then on a fantastic diner in a restaurant called Comunale. In Belgrade there’s also Comunale restaurant so it was a pleasant surprise and the atmosphere was magnificent. All in all, everything was perfect. That evening in Thessaloniki made our trip end beautiful. Thank you very much for a fantastic diner, beautiful walk and an awesome hospitality.

What to buy on Thassos

If you visit the island, there are couple of things that you (as a Tourist) have to try and buy.

In Potos there is a fantastic Olive Shop where you can find anything (but really anything that crosses your mind) made out of olives and olive wood. If you are an admirer of a Greek cuisine, love natural cosmetics or look and feel of olive wood then this is a perfect place for you to visit.

Honey, sweets and jams are very popular on Thassos and the island is famous for having them and tasting so good. If you happen to drop by then you should definitely try some of magnificent flavors that exists.

Welcome to a new home Baby Olive Tree!

The End

If anyone is reading this, thank you for giving me time to present this story. And thank you, good reader, for your patience. I hope you’ve enjoyed and liked my photos and my trip in generally.

8 responses to “Greece always feels like home, Thassos Island”

  1. love all the photos. If I may say, that you are very photogenic. The photos of you, really stand out. Really like the one where you are holding and aiming your camera. The photo of the gentlemen, were they looking at you when you took the photo. I see that they either staring at you or something else? If I may offer a suggestion, in future post you should separate the photos: digital and film. maybe label what digital and what film. Gives your reader an idea the difference of film and digital looks.

    1. Thank you very much for your compliment. As for the gentleman, I’m not so sure but I think they were looking at my camera. Thank you for a suggestion, in the future I will try to show which photos are digital and which are analog.
      Best Regards

  2. Honestly awesome Images! I love how you captured the Island – my second home.

    1. thank you very much Lisa

  3. Really nice combination of analog and digital. You captured creative photos which give a great overview of your trip. Looking forward to your future work (and trips).

    1. Thank you. The most important thing about my trips is that I enjoy them very much and so the photos reflects those feelings too 🙂

  4. We just returned from Thassos and are still amazed by all the beauty there. Island is so green and blue, and all those endless magical beaches …. breath taking. Your pictures are amazing and they say everything words can’t :-).

    1. Thank you very much Suzana! It’s a beautiful island with so much to see.

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