Planning a vacation

Step One: If you’re a Photographer take care of your gear, clean it, be very gentle and be careful not to forget anything.

Step Two: Bring the most sexy sunglasses you have B) swimwear (or not, whatever you prefer!), good book, old analog camera (it’s a fantastic feeling to use an old film camera and not know how your selfie looks like : ) some jewelry, ohh and money!

Step Three: Red nail polish! Is there any other color on this world? I guess not and if there is I always come back to my Red!

Step Four: Bring a good companion! It’s the most important part of the vacation!

Step Five: Have fun, relax, don’t think about the work, eat good food, listen to a good music, walk, photograph, laugh, enjoy the moment!

See you in a couple of weeks! All the best, people!

Bye Bye!

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