Belgrade walk

When there is a nice day outside and the weather is bright, we like to use it as much as we can. For this day I’ve planned to take my digital and analog camera and just enjoy while we explore the city (as I’ve done many times before). We walked a lot through Belgrade and just cherished every moment of time we spent together. Here, on these photos you can see some old parts of Belgrade (Dorcol, Sava mala and the great fortress). Walking route was pretty interesting and quite a long one. We parked our car in Sava mala, which is a part of the city, explored old streets and nice, very interesting shops. Afterwards we went near the river, passed Beton hala (which has amazing restaurants and bars), and just continued walking along the river to reach the Dorcol (another interesting part of the city center). After that we reached the fortress of Belgrade (Kalemegdan), enjoyed the beautiful sunset and went back to the point A, our car.


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