Sweet December, 2014


This short post sums up all the events during December. It was a nice month, full of joy, colorful food, decoration and Christmas spirit.

My Christmas cards.

Product of my imagination and Christmas spirit was put in these cards. A lot of love, time and attention was spent into making them and all of our friends, family and colleagues got one in their mailbox. They had a smile on their faces, and that was the whole point.

Christmas tree, gifts and preparations:

On 28th December we went on Mikser design market with a Christmas theme. Every year we have a great time there. It’s a place where you get a lot of positive energy and where you can meet a lot of creative people. (Hangri KapkejkCaramel Waffles – Corny, Gallery 1250 etc)

After Mikser design market we had a lot of inspiration to make something really unique and beautiful for our New Year’s party. We’ve decided to make sweet jars with christmas decorative stickers. They looked adorable ^_^

We made panna cotta with raspberry, creme brulee and chocolate mousse.

Party was awesome! Lots of food, laugh, music, spectacular firework and good friends. . .

And this is how the party actually looked:



: ) We had a lot of fun! (and a lot of wine ; )

And at the end, Christmas gifts were fantastic! I got a really unique handmade ring made by an incredible talented girl. You can check her work on a facebook page Kaldorej Art MJewellry. On 01.01.2015. I had my hot chocolate from Luxembourg, which I got as a present from a friend. Great taste! And a gift for him was die cast model of Cadillac Eldorado 1959 (red color!). He was happy like a little boy. ^_^ And off course, not to forget anyone, those two fantastic bow ties are handmade, those guys are really good, and I am impressed how our Christmas bow ties looked. Great work Peacock!

Happy New Year people!!! All the best and lots of sweet kisses!

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