Bella Roma, our story!

With a lot of smiles and good will we have started our nine day trip to Rome, Naples and Terracina beach. Italy itself is very vibrant and colorful country full of old buildings, monuments, fountains, houses, etc. which make it one of the most recognizable destinations for people all over the world. Luckily that includes the capital city Rome that we have visited on this occasion. Also in the group you can count the city of Naples, which is a real seaside town full of interesting architecture, sun, pizzas, ice cream and other fine desserts, sights and great food. One of the surprisingly pleasant visits was a travel to little town with a beautiful beach and the sea called Terracina. Sandy beach with the finest sand and sea that is almost translucent leaves you without comment, and very easy you could get used to that kind of enjoyment.

This story begins with an early awakening on July 17, around 7 am, because we wanted immediately to go on a tour on foot of Rome and the wonderful adventure that was our companion throughout the trip. This type of active vacation requires good physical condition, and among other resistant feet (which in our case was not just because they betrayed us halfway and came to us from blisters all day wandering and visiting). However, despite the problems with feet we did not let up, and we went on walking and toured the beautiful sights of Rome. Every corner that you encounter, every street, passageway, building shows you something wonderful and unusual. Walking Rome means looking in all possible and impossible directions, almost 360 degree view because wherever you turn your head, you have something nice to see.

Besides Rome, we had a one day visit to Naples. It is a pleasant town, also with a beautiful architecture and sights that you must see at least for one day. We had a chance to enter the old fortress from which you have an excellent view of the town, also if you have time and will there are boats that will take you to the stunning island of Capri. We had a long walk all around and we felt that is a nice town, except the fact that there are a lot of graphity and the streets are not so clean, but the rest is more or less ok. One of the trademarks of Naples are pizza (Margharita) and ice cream/gelato, and they are both very tasty.

The third and the last place that we visited, just for a day, was Terracina and the local beach which is a very nice sandy beach and the same is when you enter the sea, nice sandy bottom and the water is crystal clear so you can see the bottom even if you go a bit deeper. Unfortunately we had time only to visit it for a day but it is definitely a sea side that is worth visiting couple of times.

To sum up the entire experience, it was a very interesting, pleasant and full of beauty holiday, so we would like to try to show you and present a bit of that atmosphere and feeling through this short text and a lot of photographs and to transfer you for a breath moment at least to witness all those scenes from these beautiful cities.

text: Nemanja Ćurguz

photography: Tijana Jovanović

thank you!

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