Looks like summer is here…

This is Mezestoran Dvoriste, based in the city centre of Belgrade. This restaurant is a great example of how a restaurant garden should look like. It has everything it needs to be great. It’s comfortable, nice, peaceful and green. Besides the perfect ambience there is a man that’s sitting in the corner playing a guitar and […]

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Finally weekend for the two of us

Yay! Finally, I had some time to rest this weekend, to photograph and to spend some nice and quality time with my other half (and my camera)! Enjoy photos… -> Kafeterija -best coffee place in town-best space design- Homemade Lunch – Caesar Salad – -very important for a bonding time: cooking together and eating some […]

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Living space design

  This is a story that began two years ago, in 2014. Projects in architecture last more then you can ever imagine. This, very small project of mine is now done (finally!) and I am happy to say that I was a part of it. My friends were having some problems with imagining how is […]

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